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We know that buying your first gun can be a big decision. You have concerns beyond which gun to buy. There's a lot to consider: safety, childproofing, the rules, legal issues. At Realco Guns you will meet with firearms professionals who are sensitive to your needs. We come from military, technical and sporting backgrounds. Our staff draws from decades of experience and extensive personal interest in firearms, offering our customers a knowledge-rich resource that can be very helpful.

We take our responsibilities seriously and go beyond the sale not only to simplify the process for you but to insure your safety and your peace of mind.

Our customers are the best! They respect the law and choose to legally exercise their 2nd amendment civil right. Some do so for self defense. Others are hunters and sportsmen or target shooters or they love the history inherent in collectible firearms. All of our customers and all of our sales are pre-approved by City, State and Federal law enforcement agencies.

At Realco Guns we are expert at helping you choose the right solution for your specific need. Whether you are a collector or a novice, a sport shooter, or interested in providing personal protection for your family, we can help. Realco Guns is your FULL- LINE gun store!


An applicant must be 18 years old for long guns or 21 years old for handguns and machine guns, must have no serious criminal record, no pending court cases, no protective orders, no medical marijuana card, no outstanding fines or judgments, have an honorable service record if ex-military, no history of serious mental conditions and be a resident or a citizen of the US. A background investigation is required. (see quick check).


  1. Your selected HANDGUN model must be listed as legal on the Maryland Gun Roster. Your RIFLE or SHOTGUN selection must NOT be listed as banned.
    Check the MD Gun Roster HERE.
  2. Maryland guns are limited to a magazine capacity of 10 rounds or less.
  3. MD Handgun buyers may need to apply for a Handgun Qualification License (HQL). Exemptions to the HQL are made for Active or Retired Police and Active or Retired Military and buyers of Curio & Relic firearms. CCW permit holders are not exempt. Exemption to the training portion is made for ex-military personnel, CCW permit holders and current MD handgun owners.
    The HQL application is available HERE.
  4. The HQL requires Livescan fingerprinting and is available at various locations nearby including:
    • Prevent First: 3710 Riviera St Temple Hills, MD 20748.
      Phone: 301-423-5414
    • PGS Livescan: 8700 Central Av #200, Landover, MD 20746.
      Phone: 301-456-8766
    • Hughes Barney: 9315 Largo Dr W #210 Largo MD 20774.
      Phone: 301-333-1728
    • E House Sec.: 4710 Auth Pl #420 Camp Spr, MD 20746.
      Phone: 301-899-2828
    • Capitol Heights PD: 401 Cap Hts Blvd, Cap Hts, MD 20743.
      Phone: 301-420-2444
    CCW permit holders are also exempt from fingerprinting.
  5. Maryland handgun customers will also complete a MD 77R-E form at the MD Licensing Portal and receive an application number and PIN by email Maryland State Police will then register the gun.
  6. Rifle and shotgun processing is free and much simpler. The background check is done instantly and most Maryland buyers get their longguns the same day.


Q: What guns can I buy in MD? How many rounds can a gun hold in MD? Do I need a permit to buy a gun in MD? Do I need to get fingerprinted?

A: Please see the MD Regulations section above.

Q: Are there any fees?

A: Yes, Maryland State Police charges $10.00 to check your application. Also, if your model of handgun does not include it a $30.00 internal gun lock is mandated by law.

Q: Can I apply in advance?

A: No, the gun information and the serial number are part of the application so you must purchase a gun when applying.

Q: Will I be licensed to carry my new gun?

A: No, your application to purchase is NOT a license to carry.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: You will need a valid state issued photo ID. "Valid" means that the ID is active, no unpaid fines, no suspensions and all information on the ID is correct. If your address has changed you will need a change of address card from the MVA.

Q: Do I need to get some training first?

A: Only if you are buying a handgun and only if you are not exempt.
If you currently own a regulated gun in Maryland you are exempt.
If you are active or retired Military or Police you are exempt.
If you are buying a "Curio & Relic" you are exempt.
If you have a MD CCW permit you are exempt.

Q: If I'm stationed at Andrews Air Force Base (AAFB), Joint Base Andrews, Ft. Meade, or Bolling Airforce Base can I buy a gun in Maryland?

A: Yes. You will need your orders, your military ID and your home state driver's license. And, you are HQL exempt.

Q:What is covered in the HQL training course?

Safe gun handling Proper stance and grip techniques
Basic operation Transport guidelines
Home defense protocol Storage requirements
Legal responsibilities MDSP Web site navigation
Live fire 4-hour block of instruction

Q: Does the HQL expire?

A: The HQL is valid for 10 years and then can be renewed.

Q: What is the point of the HQL?

A: As far as we can deduce, MD legislators believe that it is easier to burden legitimate people with regulations than it is to prosecute miscreant straw-purchasers who traffic in guns illegally.

Q: How much does the HQL cost?

A: Training varies in price. Livescan fingerprinting costs around $57.00. The MD application is $50.00.

Q: How long will it take to get my gun?

A: If you already have an HQL, 8 days. If not most purchases are complete in 3 weeks.

Q: I am not a citizen of the US but I am a resident. Do I need anything additional?

A: Yes, please bring your immigration card.

Q: How can I get a permit to carry (CCW) in Maryland?

A: Permits are highly controlled by Maryland State Police and are issued based on an assessment of your "good and substantial reason" for needing one. A great resource on this topic can be found at

Q: What if my application is turned down?

A: If your application is disapproved by Maryland State Police or if you cancel for any other reason Realco Guns will refund to you 70% fee of the total purchase. Later on, if you successfully appeal an MSP disapproval, half of our fee will be returned to you when you reapply for the same gun. The Maryland State HQL application fees, training fee and fingerprint fee are non-refundable. Please do not apply if you expect to be denied. It is illegal to knowingly lie on the application.

Q: Do you sell used guns?

A: Yes, we do sell used guns and we back them with a one year warranty.

Q: What other items am I likely to want with my purchase?

A: We offer a kit that combines all the important accessories for $90. You will get a transport case, a cleaning kit, eye protection and ear protection and membership to the NRA. The one year NRA membership provides $1000 of theft insurance, a monthly magazine and access to the state-of-the art NRA range and to NRA certified instructors. You can purchase these items separately too. Another good addition is a small high-security safe.

Q: How can I legally transport my firearms and ammunition in MD?

  • Cased
  • Locked
  • Unloaded
  • Directly to and from (e.g. shop, range, etc.)
  • Separated from ammo

Please understand your local gun regulations before ordering anything from this website.

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Note: The HQL application requires training unless you are exempt.