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About Us

Realco Guns Inc. was established in 1970 by our founder, Greg Del Real. Today Realco Guns continues as a family run business and is in its second generation. We believe that the right to bear arms is essential in maintaining the liberty of free men and women. Because oppression often follows the disempowerment of the individual, we are committed to promoting the second amendment as a crucial part of the U.S. constitution.

Expert Staff

Our staff draws from decades of extensive experience and personal interest in firearms. We come from military and technical backgrounds that complement our work on your behalf.

Customer Service

At Realco Guns we are happy to help with what can be a daunting purchase. With our extensive inventory sometimes there are too many choices and too many options. We are expert at helping you choose the right solution for your specific need. Whether you are a collector or a novice, a sport shooter, or interested in providing personal protection for your family, we can help. Realco Guns is your FULL-LINE gun store!

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