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We're an old school gun store with 21st century technologies. Come to Realco Guns to touch, see and weigh your options and select from our full-line of guns and shooting accessories. We carry guns and accessories tailored for the marksman, hunter, collector and particularly for all self defense and home protection needs. Our staff will gladly answer any questions and help you select the perfect match for your specific needs.

Online Sales

Your convenience is paramount to us and we now provide online sales through REALCOGUNS.US. In partnership with huge firearms distributors you now have access to millions of dollars in inventory from the comfort and security of your home or office.

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At Realco Guns we offer two weekly sessions, Friday and Saturday, that fulfill your HQL requirements. Our HQL classes are limited to our customers which keeps them small and allows for personalized attention by certified instructors.

The 4-hour HQL course focuses on the following:

• Safe gun handling • Transport guidelines
• Basic operation • Proper stance & grip technique
• Home defense protocol • Storage requirements
• Legal responsibilities • MDSP website navigation

HQL SESSIONS: No registration necessary but please arrive on time. Limit 9 students.

Friday 10:30AM - 2:30PM Instructor Leon Spears $65 cash only
Saturday 10AM - 2PM Instructor Bob Broadhurst $65 cash only

Additional advanced training such as Maryland concealed carry & DC concealed carry, Armed Security, as well as Utah & Florida CCW certification training is available from our instructors.


We can fill all of your gunsmithing needs. We have an on-sight expert gunsmith with the experience and skill to repair or restore your valued firearms. We recommend a safety check and cleaning for any used gun acquisitions.

Firearm Transfer

Out of state gun purchases can be transferred into Maryland though Realco Guns. Transfer fees do not include additional fees like the MD 77R application fee or costs needed to satisfy the MD Internal Lock Mandate.

• TRANSFER FEE HANDGUN, RIFLE OR SHOTGUN: $75.00. NOTE: Add $25.00 for HQL assistance.


We know the loss of a family member is a difficult time. Realco Guns can help with the details of firearm inheritance like registration and other matters. On occasion we meet heirs who are averse to gun ownership and want to liquidate the collection as quickly as possible. In those cases Realco Guns may offer to purchase the collection in its entirety or offer to broker the collection in parts. We are available to discuss either option as needed.


A fair appraisal of gun collections, especially antique or historic guns, is ocassionally necessary to establish value or to reach an equitable distribution. Realco Guns offers written appraisals acceptable for probate or insurance purposes at a cost of 3% to 5%, depending on the size and complexity of the firearms collection.


Gun collections can represent a sizable part of an investment portfolio. Realco Guns can evaluate the winners from the losers and advise how to proceed for your collection to maximize its earning power.

Brokerage Service

We can facilitate the marketing of antique and collector grade firearms and special interest guns through our nationwide brokerage service. Our 20% fee covers appraisal, research, photography, marketing and promotion. A small listing fee, shipping and administration are additional.

Used Guns

Realco Guns buys guns of all types that are in good or better condition for an honest wholesale price. After a thorough inspection we sell our used guns backed by a one year repair warranty.

Shell Case Collection

Realco Guns is a Federal Firearms Licensed Seller (FFL 01) and also a Federal Firearm Licensed Manufacturer (FFL 07). The additional license was needed to satisfy the failed Maryland Ballistic Fingerprint scheme. Our state spent multiple millions of tax dollars to collect, analyze and warehouse fired shellcase samples from every handgun sold in the state during that time. Since many gun companies did not provide the needed sample we became manufacturers and gathered the sample ourselves so that our cutomers would have access to broader selection. No crimes were solved by this useless system and even the Maryland State Police was against it. The only result was as a sound bite provided to the reelection campaigns of politicians in Annapolis. In 2015 the requirement was finally dropped from state law.

Maryland FAQ

Washington DC FAQ

Where To Shoot

MD Handgun Roster

HQL Application

Note: The HQL application requires training unless you are exempt.